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Create a form

Create Form

Click Create New Button to create a new form.

  1. Type the Form ID, it is the unique identifier for your form
  2. Type the Form Description, it is a brief summary of your form's purpose.
  3. Choose Who can access from response. Default is Anyone. If you choose Admin, then only the form creator and admin can view the response

Once you've completed these fields, click Save to create your form.

Form Fields

Form List

After creating the form, you can edit or delete the form on the form list page.

After click the form item, you will redirect to the form building page.

Form List

Form Building

Form Building

There’re two ways to build the form.

  • Type your form requirement on the AI Form section, let the AI create a form for you. Then you can customize it
  • Build your form manually. You can drag the form field for the left side to the form area
  • For each type of form field, you can edit its properties on the right side panel.
Form Customization

Once you finished, click the Publish button on the upper right corner

Form Fields

1. Short Text
ShortText usually consists of a single-line text field that can have a label, a placeholder, and a validation message.
Form Fields
2. Long Text
LongText allows users to enter a long text in a form, such as a description, a comment, or a review.
Form Fields
3. Radio
Users can select single radio box to indicate their choices.
Form Fields
4. Checkbox
Users can select multiple checkboxes to indicate their choices.
Form Fields
5. Select
Select usually consists of a trigger area that shows the selected option and a dropdown menu that shows the available options.
Form Fields
6. Toggle
Toggle can be used to control a graphic that displays the state of the toggle.
Form Fields
7. Number
Number often used to display currency, percentage, decimal, or custom formats.
Form Fields
8. Datetime
Datetime can be used in various scenarios such as selecting dates and time.
Form Fields
9. NPS
Users can select one option to indicate their likelihood of recommending the product or service.
Form Fields
10. Rate
Rate allows users to give a rating or feedback on something, such as a product, a service, or a content.
Form Fields
11. MatrixRating
MatrixRating allows users to give a rating or feedback on multiple items using the same set of criteria, similar to a survey question.
Form Fields

Form Responses

  1. Once users submit their response, you can view the response on the same page.
  2. You can also download the response as csv file.
Form Edit
Form Edit

After users submit their responses, they will be displayed on the same webpage for easy access. Additionally, the responses can be downloaded in CSV format for convenient data management. This offers a streamlined way to gather user input and review the collected data efficiently.

Add form to Confluence Page

  1. Edit the page in Confluence to which you want to add a form.
  2. Add the AI Forms to the page
  3. click edit icon to choose Form ID
  4. Once you've added the forms macro and selected the form ID, the form will be displayed on the page.
  5. Save the Confluence page
Form in Confluence
Form Edit

Form Responses

  1. Once users submit their response, you can view the response on the same page.
  2. You can also download the response and then import it to Excel.

Use your own OpenAI Key

We use OpenAI under the hood to create AI forms. We give 500,000 tokens free, if you reached this limit, you can not use the AI to generate form( Build form manually still work)If you would like to use your own OpenAI key, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to the OpenAI website and create an account
  2. Create a new API key
  3. Enter your API key
  4. Save your settings

Once you've completed these steps, you'll be able to use your own OpenAI key to create AI forms without any limit.